Sunday, 3 March 2013


Shooting the online commercial video for the new business Blown Avenue which is coming soon! The girls offer a fast service to make you look absolutely fabulous with half and hour. Get your nails done, make up and an amazing blow dry hair style and be ready to go for a glamourous night out!

We shot five scenes for this vial video that reflect some of the different styles which Blown Avenue can create on your beautiful self! A fabulous red carpet ball gown scene, the female boss sleek and sophisticated  poker room, the pearly queen vintage tea party, Jamaican club night, and urban street style are the genres of the video. The scenes were amazing styled with fabulous one of a kind dresses and vintage pieces and amazing jewellery which complemented the glamour of the Blown Avenue looks.

 Here are some images from behind the scenes of shooting the Jamaican club night which took place in the basement of a construction warehouse and fashioned to look like a night club. On the top left is an example of the amazing nail art for the pearly queen vintage tea party scene which is offered in the Blown Avenue service.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Saint Lucia Lovin  

For the new year, I went on holiday to Saint Lucia with my family. I have never been to the Caribbean before so I was excited to see how different it was from English lifestyle as well as loosing the winter white and getting a nice tan. 
Saint Lucia is rich with foliage, the island is covered with palm trees and is famous for their production of delicious banana, coconuts and caribbean rum. 
All around the island, the locals are so friendly. The culture of Saint Lucia has been influenced by African, East Indian, French and English heritage, so meeting a group of English tourists was delightful pleasure opposed to the mass groups of Americans and Canadians the island entertains.  We took a road trip around Saint Lucia to discover the history of its past and how the vegetation of the island keeps the communities thriving. 
On the road trip, I saw much of the amazing scenery the island holds that you couldn't possibly find in any other European country. As we trekked up the mountains we got beautiful views of the coast and the Caribbean forests. 

Here are some images of the island I took on my Iphone, no filters or instagram.  

 We went to a market in the town centre, tables laid out with trinkets and nicknacks. I found a few tables that were selling hand made wooden jewellery and I thought they were rather pretty, all the colours and textures alongside each other. The design of the jewellery representing traditional Caribbean fashion, beaded cuffs, pendant necklaces, large colourful earrings. Our tour guide Wendy explained to us that when single, women dress in bright exotic colours to attract a mate, much like the 'peacock' effect only gender reversal. Once married, the women then dress down with dull shades so they do not stand out and lure any unwanted attention. 

It was a beautiful holiday and I had so much fun, we all adsorbed the culture and took advantage of the fresh produce that you cant get at home. Drinking amazing fruit cocktails fuelled by Saint Lucian rum from the islands distillery, prepared by enthusiastic locals, singing and dancing all day!  
It was an amazing break and a great start to the new year. Coming home and being greeted by snow was a chilling surprise but I know were I would much rather be.

I have more images of my holiday on instagram, if you want to have a look, search olivianeo :)

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Tutti Rouge Campaign Video

We drove from Essex to Surrey to shoot the video campaign for Tutti Rouge underwear collection for Autumn/Winter 2013. The location we were shooting in was at an amazing stately house converted private school. The house was beautiful and filled with vintage furniture and props that we ideal to use for the theme of the video. To promote the Autumn Winter collection, the scenes of the video were set to display the holiday season of Halloween, Christmas and New Years Eve. We matched the underwear to the scripted scenes and setting so they would properly suit the holiday they were celebrating. The collection was filled with maroon, cranberry, navy colours which will be trending for 2013.  
Working with an amazing team, we staged a great shoot that looked amazing on camera, along with a catchy song, excitement of the festive season and a beautiful range of under garments, the champagne video is hoping to be very successful! we used popping pink campaign, balloons, party poppers and indoor snow, the preparation and hard work has lead to an amazing turn out. I shall post the video when it is edited and finished! 

Here is a link to Tutti Rouge advertising and the website of the on set camera man Paul Bates who made an excellent job of filming.  

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Photo Shoot with Kate Magowan

Photo Shoot with actress Kate Magowan
 Star of award winning film 'Star Dust' 

On set with actress Kate Magowan for a publicity photo shoot in London Haggeston for OK magazine. The theme of the shoot was to sell the image of the real Kate Magowan, personality and style. We dressed Kate in classy evening and day dresses that suited her body shape and complimented her age and status as a mother and married women. 
Kate wore amazing garments and footwear by designer labels such as Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Vera Wang and Jeffery Campbell. We mixed and matched the pieces of designer and high street to create a style with a variety of different designs and prints, illuminating all the best aspects of her body and in keeping with her individual style which can also appeal to modern day women. We dressed her in figure hugging pencil skirts with tucked in chiffon shirts, accompanied by large pieces of stone jewellery to emphasise sophistication and add that daring edge to make a evening outfit look a little more high end fashion. 
We used an amazing dress by the legendary Vivienne Westwood, a busty aztec print dress with a large self tie bow on the front and a paper bag style skirt, garnished with Jeffery Campbell purple suede courts and junk jewellery captured the winning photo. 
The makeup on kate was fairly neutral for the day dresses with a hint of colour on the lips and heavier on the eyes for the evening wear, to create a realistic look of how the actress goes about her beauty regime from the school runs to premiers and red carpet events. Kate's positioning in the photos worked well with the clothing and her body shape, they were taken with plain white backgrounds so all the focus is on her beauty and fashion. 
Everyone on shoot had a good time on shoot, we worked fast because Kate had to pick the kids up from school but we managed to get some really great images.

Monday, 17 December 2012

 London college of fashion had opened a small exhibition in there oxford circus location. The exhibition consisted of many designers sunglasses and many different designs. The display of fashion sunglass design stretched from late fashion to the present date of popular sunglasses to surreal, creative designs using a variety of textured materials such as thatch hay and lego bricks. Sunglasses had been customised with pearls and beads to create an abstract 3D effect on an ordinary pair of sunglasses, designers have stretched to far lengths to create artistic fashion optical wear.
These images display some of the sunglasses in the exhibition, it was very interesting to see how the use of different materials can be manipulated to fit into the basic design of sunglasses.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Here are some untouched images from the photo shoot for the sunglasses hut catalogue which I assisted on. We went to Tong&Guy to create a 50s hair style and simplistic makeup with a burst of red colour on the lips to capture the class and elegance of the era. We had a range of sunglasses for the photo shoot by brands such as Chanel, Dior and Prada. We went down to southend beach to capture the shots for this 1950s style sunglasses summer shoot, we dressed the models in figure hugging floral dresses to create the setting of a glamour women at the beach lying in the sun wearing the designer sunglasses. 

Friday, 20 July 2012


I attended the Essex polo as VIP with fashion designer Joey Bevan and Britains next top model runner up Imogen Leaver last weekend, despite the weather was absolutely horrendous, the overall event was very enjoyable. Champagne and Pims were served as well as a sweet cart being available for a free pick and mix! Many local celebrities were there such as 'The only way is ESSEX' cast members, Charlie, Bobby and little Chris. Ex Band members of 'Blue' Antony costa and Simon Webbe and make up artist Gary Cocksrill also attended the event. 
The ladies rocked out there cocktail dresses but gave up with the louboutins for wellies due to the dramatic down pour of rain and the thick mud. Thos who forgot there practical footwear resorting to tying carrier bags  to their feet to protect their heels! Well done ladies! 

 The wrist band for ESSEX POLO